About VolunTeer

Opening the gate to social impact on the blockchain

VolunTeer - trustless, distributed peer-to-peer marketplace platform with DONATE and CROWDFUND support and optional arbitration component where service is migrated to verified DONATE institutions and other CROWDFUND initiatives . Everything can be traded on one platform to support (in whole, in part or in symbol) the DONATE or CROWDFUND initiative.

  • Create a transparent relationship with donors and recipients as well as with other stakeholders.

  • Reduce the administrative costs through automation and through the smallest number of intermediaries.

  • Improve efficiency in reaching the right people.

  • Acquire funds rapidly through CROWDFUND.

  • Create a wider and complete synergy between the numerous players in the philanthropic system.

What Makes VolunTeer Different?


Periodic charity donations


The team operates completely transparently


Community rewards and contests


The longer hold, the more rewarded

Strength VolunTeer

The strengths of VolunTeer from a technical point of view are numerous

  • Utility Tokens and Markets

  • Blockchain Transaction Certificate

  • Widgets

  • Cash flow control for both income and expenditure

  • VolunTeer Pay

  • Dual blockchain system

  • Cryptocurrency donation

Goals VolunTeer

VolunTeer targets a well-defined, targeted agenda that addresses pressing backlogs, including addressing business and technical challenges.

  • Serving specific activities of DONATE and CROWDFUND.

  • Decentralized market - optional trustless peer-to-peer trading.

  • Create motivation to add value supporting various charities and CROWDFUND.

  • Provide additional platforms for charities and CROWDFUND initiatives.

  • Using public ledger technology for transparent transactions and fraud prevention.

Roadmap VolunTeer

Cryptocurrency Donation Platform Together, we can build a better world

Q4 2021

- VolunTeer Project Initiated.

- Fixed targets; PoC development started.

Q1 2022

- Fundraising started.

- POC development finished.

Q2 2022

- Deployment of the VolunTeer marketplace Alpha.

- Consensus Event.

Q3 2022

- Deployment of VolunTeer marketplace.

VLT Token - Distribution & Economy

VolunTeer utility token enhances complete traceability of donations, enabling transparent and ethical rewards for organizations that use VolunTeer, the exchange of goods and services through the marketplace between interested parties. different.

  • 10% Reserve
  • 25% Founders
  • 65% Sale